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Communication Program for Doulas

An essential and structured guide to learn how to communicate in a coherent and impactful way, with safety and confidence, your value proposition as a doula.

Originally graduated in Journalism and with several years of experience in the communication and marketing area, I ended up discovering my real calling as a Doula. However, my professional past has brought me relevant lessons in the way I approach communicating my offer. With this program I intend to share in a structured and accessible way, the best communication models to follow, to ensure that you can feel security and confidence in your communication. I want you to be able to find your voice. I want you to be able to fully live your mission. May you communicate like the doula that only YOU can be.

Is this program for you?


Have you never created a communication plan for your Doula offer?


Do you feel that your communication is often not impactful?


Do you invest a lot of time in communication with few results?

How it works?

  • 2 hour sessions

  • All sessions are individual

  • Theoretical-practical sessions, where throughout the training, ways of adapting the topics covered to the participant's offer will be discussed

  • Provision of implementation support materials

Program themes

pregnant women woods

Session 1

What Doula am I?

Identify what makes you unique and how to translate it into your communication.

Session 2

What is my message?

Discover your vision, mission and value proposition to guide your communication.

Session 3

Where and how to communicate?

Identify your target audience and the platforms where you should build your communication plan.

Session 4

Communicate with customers

Ensure consistency in your communication at all points of contact with your client.

Session 5

Time management and organization

How to organize your schedule and day-to-day life to ensure sustainable communication.

Session 6 (optional)

Consulting Session

Consultancy session on the progress of actions identified in previous sessions.

Program Pricing

5 session program: €240

Price for the 6th session (optional): €30

Sign up for the Program

To sign up for the Communication Program for Doulas , fill out the form below . You will receive an email with payment details .

For more information or questions you can contact me at


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