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Doula accompaniment

My Doula support service stands out for its adaptation to the reality of each family.

You will be able to choose the number of sessions, as well as the topics to be covered throughout the follow-up (if you don't know, don't worry: there are also already defined structures). Throughout the entire follow-up, I will be available by phone to support you whenever necessary.

You can start monitoring pre-conception or during pregnancy.

How to choose the accompaniment


Choose the number of sessions

You can choose between packages of 3, 6, 8 or 10 sessions.

The sessions take place at a frequency of your choice, in an online or in-person format in Sintra and Greater Lisbon (depending on availability), lasting up to 2 hours.


Choose session themes

To ensure tailored support for you, you can choose the topics to cover according to a pre-defined list of the Pre-Conception and/or Pregnancy monitoring plan or suggest other topics that make sense for you to talk about.


Choose with or without birth accompaniment

O   Telephone support throughout labor is included in any of the session packages.

You can choose to attend the birth in person or not.

Special offers

Packages with 3 or more sessions include:

  • Special partnership price for an informative session about breastfeeding with Lactation Advisor Marta Jesus;

  • Special partnership price for a group workshop on children's sleep led by Catarina Pimenta (From Lap to Sleep);

  • 10% discount on online or in-person workshops organized by me.

Birth monitoring includes the provision of:

  • A postpartum session to be used during the baby's first month.

Follow-up session themes

pregnant women woods



You deserve to look at yourself, care for yourself and love yourself as you prepare to welcome another being.

I propose that you address your stories: what child you were, what family patterns exist and how, by becoming aware of them, you can welcome a new being in harmony.

I share information about the menstrual cycle, self-care tools and connection with the body and conscious communication techniques as a couple.

Support you in managing expectations, navigating with you the emotions that arise.


Pregnancy & Childbirth

You and your baby deserve to live your pregnancy to the fullest and enjoy a positive birth.

I propose that you address bonding with your baby and promoting conscious and affective communication as a couple, to increase the feeling of security, harmony and love.

I share information about the physiology of childbirth, birth contexts in Portugal, common hospital procedures and informed consent.

I support you in discovering the non-pharmacological methods for pain relief that work best for you and in developing your birth and postpartum plan.

Postpartum Sessions

You and your baby deserve to live a peaceful postpartum period, surrounded by love.

I accompany you in the emotional integration of your experience of childbirth, breastfeeding and experiencing the father-mother-baby triad, as well as in taking care of the emotions that may arise.

Doula accompanying birth

  • I support you in creating a safe space that protects the emotional experience of childbirth, through respect for your preferences

  • I propose relaxation techniques and personalized comfort measures, such as massages, breathing and others

  • I accompany your significant other, so that they too can live their experience in a connected, calm and safe way

  • I support you in making informed decisions during labor and birth

  • Locations: Greater Lisbon, Margem Sul and Online

Doula monitoring prices

Package of 3 sessions: €180

Package of 6 sessions: €330

Package of 8 sessions: €400

Package of 10 sessions: €450
Single session: €65

In-person birth monitoring: €400

More than 100 families accompanied

Over the last few years I have had the privilege of accompanying more than a hundred couples. I share a retrospective of my journey here. To know more


“Without you I wouldn’t have half the information that gave me the power to do things the way I wanted. Mainly in the final phase, when I knew the outcome of my birth, you were essential for me to accept it, not only because of your personal experience, which was similar in part, but also because of the reflections you helped me make. Thanks."


"A doula does a lot: a series of different things, not all visible, but without a doubt each of them essential. In my experience I highlight building trust. It was in the pre-birth sessions with Joana that I had contact with all the information I needed to build confidence in my body and mind with reliable and responsible information."
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