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Pre-Conception, Pregnancy & Childbirth and Postpartum Doula

Discover the various resources I have available to help you on your motherhood journey.

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Discovery more about maternity in my blog.

Support you in making a conscious and informed decision to help with your pregnancy and birth.

I have been a doula since 2020, through the Portuguese Doula Network.

I am an advocate for respected birth.

I believe in the power of conscious and informed choice.


​I am here available and with an open heart, to accompany you on your journey of motherhood: because you deserve to live your life in all its fullness.

For me, there is no one path more valid than another. Therefore, my Doula support service stands out for its adaptation to the reality of each family. The information based on scientific evidence that I transmit aims, above all, to make you reflect on how it fits into your path and your truth.

Doula in the Greater Lisbon, South Bank region and Online.

More than 100 families accompanied

Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of accompanying more than a hundred couples. I share a retrospective of my journey here. To know more

“Joana played a huge role in my pregnancy. It came to bring knowledge and awareness in a profoundly remarkable way. I appreciate all the reflections, all the science-based teachings and all the non-judgmental support.”

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What does a doula do?

A doula is someone who understands the physiology of birth and who provides emotional and informational support, supported with scientific evidence, whenever possible, from pre-conception to postpartum.

But be careful, the doula does not perform any medical act or make diagnoses; does not accompany a pregnancy or birth that is not supervised by healthcare professionals and also does not make any decisions for clients.

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Are you a Doula?
Find out how I can help you

My Consulting services for Doulas ensure greater professionalism and better results for those looking to develop and communicate their offer as a Doula. Find out more here.

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