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Plan: Give birth! Essential information for an empowered birth

Is this program for you?

  • Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by the amount of information available about childbirth?

  • Does the available information seem very contradictory to you?

  • Do you want to select information that really serves the birth experience you want to have?

In the end you will be able to

  • Make decisions that represent the essence of the birth you want to have

  • Communicate with your birth care team all your birth preferences

  • Know what to do at each stage of labor

  • Have confidence, enthusiasm and security for the day you go into labor

  • Know which pain relief methods will work best for you

  • Create a birth environment conducive to a harmonious birth experience

Topics to be covered

  • Stages of labor

  • The role of hormones in childbirth

  • Basic needs of women in labor

  • Hospital procedures

  • Recommendations from the World Health Organization

  • Pain management

  • Birth Plan: what is yours?

About the Program

  • Online theoretical program, live

  • For the pregnant woman
  • Program divided into 3 sessions

Additional Information

  • Date: New date to be announced

  • Location: Online. Recordings available after the session and for 7 days

  • Price: €50

  • For questions, contact

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