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Telling Birth, Listening to Life Program

The Telling Birth, Listening to Life program offers a safe and welcoming environment where you can share your birth experience and gain a greater understanding of it.


I will listen to you and support you in understanding your experience in its different dimensions (physical, emotional and spiritual), so that later, from a conscious point of view, you can integrate your birth story and redesign your path in motherhood and life.

pregnant woman in the woods

Program themes

  • Your story : in the first session, you will give voice to your birth and I will guide you through the process with some questions that invite you to delve deeper.

  • Birth in the body : we will look at your birth from the body's point of view and I will share with you information based on scientific evidence about the physiology of birth so that you can better understand what you experienced.

  • Birth in the mind : we will embrace the emotions felt in the past and present, validating your experience, without judgement.

  • Birth in life : you will experience a personalized dynamic with the aim of honoring and integrating your experience, supporting you on the path to motherhood.

Who is it for?

  • Preconception women who have had a previous birth experience

  • Postpartum women, regardless of the time that has passed since the birth of their children

All experiences are valid. You don't need to consider your experience as positive or negative to enjoy these sessions.

Program Pricing

Package of 4 sessions: €200

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